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HUCBMS Executive Committee

The HUCBMS Executive Committee is elected by the members of HUCBMS at the Annual Conference, which is open to all members. The Executive Committee normally meets three times per year. The AGM is held at the annual conference which normally takes place in September. Executive Committee members will normally serve for three years unless elected to an officer position within the Executive.

HUCBMS Executive Committee 2014/15:

Prof. Yvonne Barnett, Nottingham Trent University, (President)

Prof. Chas Chowdrey, University of Westminster. (Past-President)

Dr. Craig Donaldson, University of Plymouth.

Prof. Kevan Gartland, Glasgow Caledonian University

Dr. Sue Jones, York St. John University

Prof. Jacqueline McCormack, University of Ulster

Prof. Julie McLeod, Oxford Brookes University

Prof. Val Randall, University of Bradford

Dr. Linda Walsh, Glasgow Caledonian University

Mr. Merfyn Williams, Bangor University

Honorary Executive Secretary & President Emeritus:

Prof. P. Gerry McKenna MRIA

Honorary Treasurer:

Dr. Ian Locke, University of Westminster.